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Recent studies show that our overall health is 80% nutrition! Our Active Nutrition Center at Fit Buddha, offers a full line of wellness products and nutrition advisors who can customize a special plan to meet your wellness goals. We offer delicious and nutritious post-workout shakes (24 grams of protein; 200 calories) to help you lose weight, build lean muscle, and increase your energy.

Menu of Shakes

1 Shake $5 / buy 10 Shakes get 1 free! $50

Aloe: 1$

Tea: 1$

includes 15 min. Nutrition Consultation for free!

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Nutrition Team

Megan Patton
Megan has over 5 years of experience as a certified fitness trainer and nutrition advisor, training her clients in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles Areas. As a small business owner, she now runs both local and national weight loss challenges. Megan has helped hundreds of people lose weight across America and transform their lives into a healthy, active lifestyle. Megan has experience as an Instructor at the American Fitness and Nutrition Academy where she teaches her personal training students how to become well-rounded fitness and nutrition experts. 

"Getting healthy and eating right is really much easier than most people think. While most attribute pain or starvation to lose weight, we promote well balanced nutrition to increase your metabolism and fuel your body right. Active Nutrition promotes a healthy, active YOU so that eating right and feeling great becomes your healthy addiction. Learn how with a free 15 minute wellness profile".

Luc McCann
"Luc is a graduate from the University of California, Santa Barbara.  He has worked as a Health and Wellness coach for over two years, specializing in group weight loss.  Over the past two years he has worked with hundreds of people and coached large groups into losing 1000+ combined pounds.  Luc has also worked with more than 10 personal clients over the last two years that have lost 20+ pounds.  As an avid surfer, backpacker, and outdoorsman, Luc is well aware of the body's limits and the necessity to fuel the body with optimal nutrition in order to ensure maximum functionality.  People who give their bodies what they truly need through well balanced nutrition are able to enjoy increased energy, mood, and productivity, not only in the pursuit of rigorous activity, but also in their everyday routines."

Brenda K. Lowe, MS., CFT., SSF.:
Brenda is a nutritionist and has been working in the weight loss industry for over 6 years.  She has extensive experience helping clients develop a more active and healthy lifestyle.  She has worked one on one at an office in town helping clients with basic and targeted nutrition including weight loss, heart health, immune enhancement, stress management, nutritional disease prevention, women's, men's, and age related issues, energy and fitness as well as digestive issues from heartburn to IBS and everything in between. During the last year she has been running group weight loss challenges.  She has also worked as a personal chef.  Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s of Science in Natural Health, a Master’s of Science in Holistic Nutrition and she is a Certified Fitness Trainer with an additional certification as a Specialist in Senior Fitness.  She is excited to help anyone interested increase their level of health and well being with nutrition. “¡¡¡Just ask me how!!!”