“suggested donation $7″
We are vibratory acoustic beings living in a vibratory multidimensional universe. Eva leads you through a multidimensional journey to support your inner connection to Self and guides your Multidimensional Being into pure consciousness to deepen your awareness of SELF – “reflection of Being” – helping to grasp the concept of who we All truly are – collectively. She speaks about universal truths, helps to magnetize your individual intentions and takes you onto a journey deeper and deeper into the depth of spirit guiding the group with her voice and the singing bowls. Each class is completely channeled and guided by the Ascended Masters. Deep healing and peace can be expected!

Regular attendees EXPERIENCE:
– Deep inner Healing
– Self-love
– Alignment with Spirit
– Connectedness
– Awareness
– Aliveness
– Activation
– Enlightenment
– Radiance
– Inner Peace
– Abundance


Manifest your perfect DREAM Body

January: Friday 14th of January – (always middle of month) 5: 30pm – 6:30pm Members: $15 / Walk-ins: $20
learn tools that help you to manifest the body you always dreamed of in an entirely new way.
using advanced multidimensional tools that help you overcome your belief system of who you think you are expressing now. You will see yourself in an entirely new light, gain confidence and a new strategy on how to shape and transform from within aligning with your exalted state of being on a multidimensional level manifesting your new form on a physical level. Practicing the tools will help you manifest your Dream body – your dream weight and your dream expression of being.

Open yourself to your Destiny

February: Friday 10th of February – 5:30 – 6:30pm – 6pm Members: $15 / Walk-ins: $20
Eva is an Intuitive that is able to connect to your highest Selves helping you to ask the perfect questions to help map out your original blueprint, tuning into the akashic records and initiate a download of energies that help you expand into the next step so you can access the design you came here to live and express. Experience an Introduction to a process that can deepen your understanding of why you are here and what you ought to do with your life. This class will be fun and inspire you and open you up to experience your own individual specialness. Not to be missed!

Manifest a life full of EASE and GRACE

March: Friday 10th of March – 5:30pm – 6:30pm Members: $15 / Walk-ins: $20
Learn simple tools that make your life what you want it to be.
Initiate a new way of manifesting your desires.
This class will help you in all areas of your life. Manifesting a flow and allowing yourself to move out of stress and difficulty will feel like a new life has started. What are you waiting for? This is the moment to shift! See you there.

Bring more Joy into your Life

April: Friday 14th of April – 5:30pm – 6:30pm cost: Members: $15 / Walk-ins: $20
change your vibration within and attract what you deserve joyfully. Learn tools that make you happy and help you keep your vibration high. This class will help you smile, laugh and let go…..! Joy is one of the highest vibrations and it feels for some of us “hard” to come by. Allow yourself the gift of Joy!

Passion Bliss and Ecstasy

May: Friday 19th of May – 5:30pm – 6:30pm Members: $15 / Walk-ins: $20
Learn how to create from passion, ignite the power within yourself – learn the art of “allowing” the part in you to get excited. Learn to harness that energy and initiate it into whatever you like to use it for. Bring yourself into alignment with the force of the universe that moves everything. Allow and you shall receive!

Open the Doors to Healing

June: Friday 16th of June: 5:30pm – 6:30pm Members: $15 / Walk-ins: $20
Let go of your old Story – write a new one: In this class, you will learn how to find what it is that you truly want to experience. You will learn to ask yourself the right questions that lead you to the areas that need a lift. This class provides you with a lot of insight – healing tools – and will help you to release what you feel stuck in so you can open up the potential that is waiting behind the closed doors.

Open the Floodgates to Abundance and Prosperity

July: Friday 14th of July: 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm Members: $15 / Walk-ins: $20
Just like the energies are heightening for summer and our entire being is opening up to new possibilities, we learn how to harness this power from within and align it with the universal power and through that alignment, we dial ourselves into a new paradigm into a completely new experience of ourselves within the whole. Lift off into the magnificence of feeling and being abundant by accessing a different realm where all things are possible. Not to be missed! You get to play with money!!!

It’s MAGIC time!

August: Friday 11th of August: 5:30pm – 6:30pm Members: $15 / Walk-ins: $20
What you believe is what you experience. If you don’t believe in magic – it is time for you to let that thought and the idea or even your fears around it go! Cause magic is real, magic is as real as you make it. Learn how to access Magic and connect to the Kingdom of Fairies and Angels and allow yourself to connect to the wisdom and the support you will receive if you utilize the potential that lays within your connection to it.

Make your house a magnetizer for Health, Wealth, and Happiness

September: Friday 16th of September: 5:30pm – 6:30pm Members: $15 / Walk-ins: $20
Feng Shui your House, living and workspaces: Learn simple tools to create an energy flow in your house to upgrade the energies so all that you truly want – can be attracted. In this course, you learn to create a magical energy template which creates ethereal particles that thread through the space to upgrade your environment dramatically. You learn how to energize it so that it keeps the energy flowing. The techniques explained are not your traditional Feng Shui tools but enters a new multidimensional way of creating a magical environment that keeps the people living in the space happy, healthy and wealthy. Only come – if you want this!

Tune in and Tune up – alignment into Infinite Possibilities

October: Friday 13th of October: 5:30pm – 6:30pm Members: $15 / Walk-ins: $20
Learn the primary principles of unlimited abundance and attract new Relationships. Learn how to within minutes shift your feeling tone and connect with the cosmic energy field that corresponds with you via a specific channel with you. Learn to tune yourself to that channel and dive into what is waiting for you. This class is teaching you how to take it out of the doing into the allowing and receiving. If you sign up for this class then you are ready to take it to a new level – you will know!

Living with Purpose – What a difference it makes

November: Friday 10th of November: 5:30pm – 6:30pm Members: $15 / Walk-ins: $20
Eva will help you to navigate you to your individual Blueprint, help you to download the potential and help you to decode your mission and to discover the primary direction and guide you to the place within yourself that understands that each of us has a mission and that all our missions are amazing. There is no- one here on Earth that is not magnificent. Please know that this class will only open you up to help you access more of who you are, allow you to release what blocks you mentally and emotionally and even ethereally and find true inspiration to live more fully.

Shine your LIGHT – we want to SEE YOU

December: Friday 15th of December: 5:30pm – 6:30pm Members: $15 / Walk-Ins: $20
Love your own nature, your own Self. Learn how to nurture your own being so you can love others more fully. In this class, you learn tools to connect with your true Self, how to magnetize what and who you see and allow your reflection to be seen more fully. If you feel that everyone around you is more radiant and exciting and you judge yourself and compare – then this class is for YOU!
This class will change your relationship with your own Self and also your relationships with others. A Must DO!