Private Training is the ultimate in personal attention for clients who prefer One on One attention. Private training provides the platform for healing, symmetry, muscle strength and endurance, where every routine is created specifically to address the individual needs of each private client.
Personal Sessions are also a good way to introduce you to the MegaFormer Workout completely at your own pace. If you have had injuries or have felt out of shape wanting to gain strength in the comfort of individual attention that is focussed on your abilities in each and every move, then this is the way for you.

Every New Client is encouraged to start HERE OR to take a private training session first before attending regular MegaFormer Classes.
Please arrive 15 min. before Class starts!

If you are NEW to the Lagree Method and the MegaFormer, then this is the class for you. We will move slower to help you get familiar with “the MegaFormer” and help you get comfortable moving through a light to a medium-hard routine. The Meet the Megaformer class will introduce the basic Lagree MOVES and allow you to understand the most important ways of utilizing the machine and becoming familiar with the transition on the machine. We recommend starting with the Intro Class as it will help you maximize your experience at the studio and will set you up for a successful journey. No worries this class will still get your heart pumping.

This is a Full body Workout focussing on getting your entire body worked systematically getting your abs, arms, and legs shaking.
Every teacher teaches their own individual routines – keeping it fresh for you. The styles of holds and pumps change and you will enjoy the differences in their personalities as they vary from cheerleading to Zen. (Look up Trainer Bio’s: what to expect in my class)
This class provided you with the intensity of the Lagree Method workout, allowing you to go at your own pace while increasing your flexibility and core strength. This is the most popular class, focusing on a wide range of Lagree moves to create a strenuous, complete-body workout. We recommend taking TOTAL BODY 3 to 4 times a week with rest days in between, so you gain strength every week and sculpt and evolve your body temple.

The best of both worlds, combining Cardio with low impact Strength Training, Flexibility and Balance Training in a 60 min. sweat drenching and calorie burning Combo Class. If you haven’t tried this class – you will see an amazing difference and increases the changes in your physical wellbeing significantly as soon as you add this class to your weekly regiment.

If you want to deepen your connection between your body awareness and your breath, become less anxious in various situations and strengthen your inner understanding of Self – then this class is for you. Master AP is genuine, affirmative and patiently guiding you into understanding your physical flight and fear modes, changing your Reactive mode into a flexibly aligned Action mode that comes from a clear state of mind. This class is designed to accompany our Megaformer classes and you can take your 3rd or 4th class per week in RMA SYSTEMA Breathing and Conditioning, to stretch out your body and connect the entire body system more consciously to your breath. Taking this class will help your aware movement in every other moment in life and it will serve you well in your MegaFormer classes too. Master AP also teaches amazing massaging techniques (Self and Partner pressure points).
Not to be missed!!!
Monday Drop-ins Welcome! $20 per class or use your Flex Plan Package

Tuesday – Group Class: min. 6 people continue for 6 week
Following start dates for a continual group experience which grows you all together and takes you through a process
Start times 6 Weeks: Please reserve your spot early! Limited space!!!Group classes need only 6-8 people!! Group classes need only 6-8 people!!

“suggested donation $7″
We are vibratory acoustic beings living in a vibratory multidimensional universe. Eva leads you through a multidimensional journey to support your inner connection to Self and guides your Multidimensional Being into pure consciousness to deepen your awareness of SELF – “reflection of Being” – helping to grasp the concept of who we All truly are – collectively. She speaks about universal truths, helps to magnetize your individual intentions and takes you onto a journey deeper and deeper into the depth of spirit guiding the group with her voice and the singing bowls. Each class is completely channeled and guided by the Ascended Masters. Deep healing and peace can be expected!

Regular attendees EXPERIENCE:
– Deep inner Healing
– Self-love
– Alignment with Spirit
– Connectedness
– Awareness
– Aliveness
– Activation
– Enlightenment
– Radiance
– Inner Peace
– Abundance