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Marcus, Eva, and Shanti

The co-owners of Fit Buddha, Marcus and Eva Kettles, came into contact with SPX Fitness more than 2 years ago while visiting friends who own multiple SPX Studios.

In 2 sessions they were hooked because SPX Fitness is the most efficient workout they have ever experienced. Knowing how busy lives can be, it is more important than ever to exercise and sweat and rid the mind and body of stress, and now it can be done in 40 minutes, and it's fun! They are extremely excited to share the cutting edge MegaFormer workout with the Santa Barbara community in order to manifest a healthy body and therefore bring strength, flexibility, and powerful life force back into everyone's life, thus becoming your own Fit Buddha.

Both have extensive management and small business ownership experience, as well as a passion for fitness.

Marcus is a long time pilates master student and was featured in a pilates instruction video. He is a triathlete and former NCAA athlete. A California native, Marcus performed on and off Broadway and owned his own production company in New York City for more than 10 years, producing many award winning shows and major events.

Eva Kettles is a holistic medicine practitioner from Germany. Her practice of 15+ years has included clients from 5 continents. She also owned a very successful and popular restaurant in Switzerland providing her with hands on skills managing a team of employees. She is an enthusiastic, natural teacher and specializes in personalized Private MegaFormer Training at her mini studio in Ojai.

Fit Buddha Trainers

Fit Buddha Team

Fit Buddha Team


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What People are Saying
Beautifully decorated. New equipment. Parking; a plus in Santa Barbara. Great, enthusiastic, knowledgable, professional trainers. Warm welcoming and genuine authentic concern for the happiness and welfare of the students. Engaging atmosphere with child center for the little ones. Fun enough for the adults too! Did I mention it is a kick butt work out?! My booty is lifting looking forward to my next work out!!!
;-D Geneva D.
Best workout in Santa Barbara, hands down. Great if you don't have time for long workouts but like to work hard. The classes are 45 minutes, and it's a sweat dripping, total body workout the whole time. Definitely worth the money. Make sure you check out China's class.
Lillie S.
LOVE the Megaformers - make pilates a sweat dripping workout! Totally awesome!
Erin K.
Thanks China for an amazing workout!!! Best full body 40 min workout i've every had. I'll be back.
Laurie S.
I almost don't want to say this (for fear of all the classes filling up and having no room for me!) but coming to these classes has me feeling stronger than ever before and I am noticing real changes in my body.Thank you everyone at Fit Buddha. Bikini shopping will be so much more FUN this year!
Stephanie M.