FITBUDDHA is the synthesis of TOTAL MIND BODY EVOLUTION that responds to the soul’s desire to reveal itself in its most shining, brilliant light. The fitness and wellness modalities are intended to provide effective, efficient, sustainable answers to life’s challenges.
Through the regular use of the Megaformer, Indoor Cycling, and other exercise options, Fit Buddha enables people to strengthen and sculpt their body temples. With nutritional offerings, wellness programs and consciousness raising programming, Fit Buddha provides the container for inspiration to shine, bringing mind/body/spirit into wholeness and integration in a fun and a rewarding atmosphere.
The Fit Buddha Way focuses on developing greater self-awareness, increased focus, reduced stress and toxicity. Fit Buddha studios are designed to stimulate the senses and inspire, creating a high vibratory atmosphere that activates health, happiness, and self-empowerment in a community of supportive like-minded Fit Buddhas.


I have always been a lover of a vital body and subjects of spiritual nature, so I became a holistic Natural path in Germany. I traveled all around the world and also lived in Greece before my journey took me across the Atlantic Ocean to California. Living in such a beautiful sunny country warms my heart. I enjoy the ease of communication here and love America wholeheartedly. I feel very blessed to live here and to be able to take my passion for fitness and evolution with Fit Buddha to a whole new level. Fit Buddha is not only serving our clients as a transformational platform it serves also me and my husband Marcus to evolve daily into a bigger concept of deepening our understanding of who we are and can be.

Our clients are our treasures and we love the daily heart connections and friends we make. Our aspiration is to be the best we can be and to bring more peace and harmony into the world that feels unsafe at times. Our studios are built and designed to be Temples to help us recognize that the body is our temple that we live in and we can’t really move out of. It’s the only home we keep “no matter what” and so treating it with respect and kindness is of utmost relevance to living a life that is worth while to live. ONE workout alone can shift us into a completely different mindset, a few workouts can shift a depression and a lot of working out can transform our entire perception of being.

Utilizing working out as a gateway to express more LOVE and to express more RADIANCE and doing it in a group setting can help us all to connect with each other in times of turmoil and we don’t feel so disconnected from Source anymore. I am feeling blessed to have created a space that brings that Transformation and Evolution to a community and I feel grateful to be a part of that Evolution myself.

I see infinite possibilities and Expansion into a bigger and bigger community that collaborates and works together in harmony and peace and my deepest desire is, to vibrate this feeling out to the world in all words, actions and with my being.
Thank you for being a part of our Fit Buddha family and for making us a part of yours.

In kindness, Eva

All other Services Eva offers:
Link to my Personal website here: WWW.DIVINEALCHEMY.CO


As a third generation Californian, I naturally grew up with a love of the ocean and the outdoors. I combine my love for fitness with a deep faith and caring for all of the humanity.
I believe that we can all thrive and live a life of abundance and health. I bring to my training a focus on Joy! My goal is to enliven the room with my passion for life and to inspire our wonderful Fit Buddha clients with a sense of how working out on the Megaformer can help you achieve your fitness goals and a greater sense of peace and symmetry for your body/mind/spirit.
I have done many things in my life. With a love for athletics, I was a national collegiate athlete on the Crew Team at USC, competed as a triathlete and Master Swimmer. My many years as a Lagree Fitness Megaformer Trainer and advocate, I personally have seen the positive results of consistent training to be healthy and whole.
After college, I lived in Washington DC where I worked for a national trade association, which brought me to NYC to work for an international monetary bank. While in NYC I became a holistic psychotherapist, actor, and producer before moving back to my native California with my wife Eva. We have a beautiful daughter, Shanti, and live in Ojai which allows me the space to breathe and recharge so that every class and private session I teach is vibrant, fun and a creative endeavor.

RETREATS at Casa DE Paz Ojai:

– Once a month Casa De Paz – Lightmaster Masterclass with Divine Image of Self & with dinner in Chapel:

This class is designed to feel and express your magical being. You come in your God or Goddess wear fully dressed up as your Highest expression. If you feel you can’t access this part – we will help you here to complete your look and feel. By creating the blueprint of your magical being and by creating with playfulness you access parts of you that were hidden and forgotten. This experience will wake up your joy and your individual Merlin skills by taking you onto a journey on a sacred land. This journey includes: – Release Rituals – personal Intention Setting – Breathing exercises – Meditative practices in nature that Recalibrate your entire being into your True Reflection – Photos that reflect your true self – awakening the inner power through dance and movement, create an opening to your purpose and destiny – connection and community – share the experience at Dinner with all of us to magnify your personal experience and unify our collective powerful creation with a powerful toast!